Laserp Lipo- Abs and Flanks

I had laser lipo on my abs and flanks one month...

I had laser lipo on my abs and flanks one month ago. I still have a spare tire appearance around my lower abs and flanks area. It feels hard and a little lumpy.

When can I expect to see this go away, or will it go away? My doctor said he is fully confident that it will tighten and appear flat in 2-3 more months....I just can't see it happening. please help with some advice!!!! thank you

Hello, Hope you are doing much better now. I was wondering if you felt more comfortable at this time discussing your doctor. I am in LA and am looking to get the surgery soon. I have gone to 5 different physicians, but have yet to decide and can't seem to find any recommendations or discouragements. Thanks for any info!
Hello!! I'm sorry to hear that you still have that appearance after one month. It shouldn't look like that at all. Your abdomen should definitely be nice, flat, and smooth by the one month mark but then again everybody heals differently. Hardness and lumpiness are expected. You have to make sure you massage the areas treated starting 7 to 10 days post op for about 10-20 minutes once a day. I do it twice a day, once when I first wake up and again right before I go to bed for 20 minutes each time. I barely have any lumps now. It's pretty smooth. I'm 25 days post op. I'm wondering if maybe you are still a little swollen. Exercising helps tremendously with the swelling and the lumpy feeling in addition to the massage. If you don't do this, the lumps will not go away. I was super flat post op day 1 and 2, then was swollen for approximately 2 weeks after that but the swelling wasn't bad at all. My belly still looked flat. The swelling is just about gone now and the belly is really sculpted, tight, and flat. And how have you been doing with your diet? But definitely give it some more time because it is still pretty early. Good luck with everything. Keep me posted!! :~)
Hi, my name is Elizabeth I was wondering if you were willing to give your doctors information..>>
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