Lipoatrophy Due to HIV Meds - Sculptra Does Not Work

I have lipoatrophy on my face due to HIV med. I...

I have lipoatrophy on my face due to HIV med. I was told by this doctor Sculptra will work. I can get rid of the sickening look on my face with 3 treatments.

I did 2 already and I patiently waited for 4 months. The result: zero. Now my doctor said I need 5 treatments, "maybe" after 5 and up to one year's waiting I will see result. I don't want to spend another thousands of $ just to buy a "maybe".

I am so depressed, frustrated by this outcome. I thought I could finally stop people questioning/commenting on my sickening/tired look.

Beware if you want to use this product!!!

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I know who you are talking about.. supposed to be the best for that kind of use. Hmmm, maybe you are one of the ones who doesn't respond well. He's very good.
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You are right. He is very good. I am still have great confidence in him. It's the product-Sculptra that I have big doubt now.

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Lipoatrophy due to HIV meds is a complicated issue. the treatment needs an aesthetic approach but with a caculating angle(estimating how much is required to thicken the skin where the fat loss is), due to the amount of fat loss sub cutaneously. Facial Lipoatrophy fat loss is not just in the obvious areas such as the cheeks and temples, it is global across the face and unless the practitioner is experienced in treating this condition the patient can be disappointed. I treat lipoatrophy and have done for nearly ten years in the UK. In my opinion HIV related facial lipoatrophy treatment needs a minimum treatment of 3-4 sessions using 1-2 ampoules per session. Yes it does take up to 6 months to kick in, that is because the collagen produced/ stimulated in the area treated is only as a result of the breakdown mechanism of the PLLA, everyone has their own pace. On a plus side, it does last for up to 2-3 years depending on how many sessions you have and how much is put in at any one session. Hope this helps.....
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I totally agree. If you have severe loss of fat in the face, several treatments are required. I used the same guy in LA beach area and had terrific results with 2 vials. I went back at 5 years ago, 1.5 years ago and just now to keep up the aging process and correcting med problems. Late 40's. I got great results, but you never want to over correct. It may take 3-5 treatments just like the package insert states. I am totally happy with the results. There is a patient assistance program and insurance does cover it on occasion. I had 1 paid for and hopefully the last one. Good luck and keep at it. You will be pleased. Remember a product can only do so much at a time. 2 vials a session is as much correction at one time. Your doc is giving you good advice and you just have to watch and see how each treatment works.
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Dr Blinski wrote under Sally49's review "Sculptra in cheeks and around mouth - concerns and questions" that because Sculptra is a collagen stimulator about 50% of patients get NO RESPONSE. Check it out. And from some of the other reviews here, you can see that other people get very disfiguring results. This product seems to be extremely unpredictable. Maybe best to cut your losses and look into something else?
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a side effect of hiv - severe facial wasting was USED to get Sculptra into the profitable US Beauty Market.
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