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I am 44 years old. i wanted to restore some volume...

i am 44 years old. i wanted to restore some volume loss in my cheeks and lower part of my face.

i recieved 1 vial of radiesse 4 weeks ago in my cheeks.i was immediately pleased with the results. my injector wanted to wait 4 weeks for the product to settle before touching up my cheeks and filling the bottom half of my face. yesterday i received one more vial in my cheeks and 1 vial in the bottom half of my face. i looked like a overfilled chipmunk and my mouth looked like a joker. i was freaked out and terrified because i knew this product could not be removed. i called my injector and they assured me that i will be fine once the swelling went down and the product settled after about 1 week.

i woke up the next morning still looking " very fake and odd". i even stayed home from work because i knew everyone i came in contact with would think i looked ridiculous and that i had something done. i took a shower about 3:00 p:m and started putting my makeup on and could actually tell the swelling was going down and i could tell that my face was starting to look normal again. i think within a couple more days it will look great.

i posting this to give some hope to some of you that might be freaked out like i was undoubtedly yesterday and this morning . just try to be patient and let the swelling go down. i do recommend getting this procedure done when you can take a few days off of work or an event so just in case you swell up and look weird for a couple of days that you may have that time to stay "indoors"

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robbie25 - Please keep me posted as I'm anticipating going in again soon. Let me know if you like the way you look in 5 or 6 days. Thanks!
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I feel a little better after reading your post. I just had Radiesse injected into my cheeks yesterday and i feel like a chipmunk. I'm hoping i wasn't over filled (they used 1.5 syringes)My husband hates the way i look right now & so do I. Hopefully i start looking normal soon!!!
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Yes, I had the same concern when I had my first injection. It's a good idea to use an ice pack (like on your way home) and for the first 24 hours.
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Hi prunednuts,

This post will be great for all those in the community who worry about looking fake when it's just swelling. Pictures of your new look would be great. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review, enjoy your Wednesday!


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