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I have had melassma for 4 years. Will start on...

I have had melassma for 4 years. Will start on Triluma. Hydroquinone 4% did not work-made it worse.


Hydroquinone alone may not work. Our office recommends a combination protocol including Melapads, Melarase creams, and Melapeels.
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I used for at least 3 months...It causes little spider veins, please be careful Tri-Luma is dangerous, Now I have melasma plus little spider veins.!
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If the hydroquinone did not work and actually made it worse, you probably do not want to use Tri-Luma. Tri-Luma has 4% hydroquinone in it and if you read up on hydroquinone, it can cause permanent hyperpigmentation. I will not use that stuff, maybe you should talk to your derm about other medicines that do not have that in it. Good luck!
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Dr. Foster

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