I Love Laser Genesis for Redness, Large Pores and Fine Lines - Los Angeles, CA

I am an RN at a medspa in LA. I started doing...

I am an RN at a medspa in LA. I started doing laser genesis two years ago for redness, large pores and fine lines. It's great because there is no downtime and I feel like my skin looks better immediately after.

You definitely need to do a series in the beginning (6 treatments spread out 1 to 2 weeks apart) for maximum benefit. Also be open and honest with your practitioner about any medications or medical problems you have because that can affect the results from the laser. It's not a miracle worker, if you have deep lines or very bad acne scars you may need something more aggressive like Fraxel or Pearl.

I get it done now about every two months and my skin is definitely better than it was when I started two years ago. I used to never leave the house with out face powder or cover up to mask my redness from Rosacea and now I often go out with nothing but sunscreen on. It doesn't do much for pigmentation, for that you need IPL or something like that. It also helps if you have your skin properly prepped before the laser. My place does a 15 minute mini-facial w/ extractions prior to laser. Love it!


Oh, thermage is for skin tightening and uses radio frequency. Totally different in respect to issues it is targeting and modality.
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does laser genesis help with acne and light brown spots? what does thermage do that this won't?
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Laser genesis can help with mild acne but the skin needs to be really cleaned out before hand with a good facial and not done on too high of a setting. Some people will report mild fading of brown spots but to really get at darker pigments you would want to do something like IPL or Limelight.
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I would recommend the place I get my treatments, but I work there so it's a conflict of interest! Just make sure you do your due diligence and find a place with a good reputation. I love using Yelp to see what other places think about a facility.

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