911 Emergency After Doing a Glycolic Chemical Peel 50% at Home - Los Angeles, CA

I have done chemical peels in the past. The reason...

I have done chemical peels in the past. The reason I'm thinking of doing Laser Resurfacing which I'm praying to have it done in Los Angeles.

Im 52 I should of known how to do this Glycolic Acid peeling at home. But I did not follow the instruction I started to panic and know I have a disfigured chin, I need help it made a big hole, I should have gone to this clinic spa, I have hyperpigmatation skin, It was an accident I should it research it on the internet before doing it on my own.


As an aesthetician I can tell you that we never use peel over hyperpigmentation because often times it will aggravate the problem I would talk to your dermatologist instead
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Hi lotus, 

Oh, no, that's not fun at all. The community has mentioned a number of times how hard it is to those at home and unfortunately following the directions exactly is one of the things they say is the most important. I'm sorry. Please keep us updated as what your next move will be. 



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