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Granulomatous Reaction to Radiesse - Los Angeles, CA

Approximately one year ago, I received Radiesse...

Approximately one year ago, I received Radiesse injections in an attempt to level some acne scars on my cheeks. Instead of filling the scars like I had asked, the nurse injector (mistake #1) decided that my cheeks needed filling. Within a day after the injections, my face swelled and looked terribly distorted. I was prescribed steroids to alleviate the swelling. Some odd stares from strangers and outright comments from friends confirmed to me that my features were very distorted. I felt horrible, and was alarmed knowing that there is NO antidote to the radiesse. This was going to be a waiting game, and unfortunately my face looked overly stuffed for months and months.

Now almost a year later, injected areas feel hard, suggesting some sort of granuloma formation / scar tissue. There is still an odd fullness to my face that has not dissipated even after a year of waiting. By now, the material itself should have mostly been metabolized, which further indicates to me that the firmness is actual scar tissue.

Initially I thought that Radiesse would be an ideal filler due to its longevity. However, the material is just too viscous and prone to nodules and scar tissue formation.
I think you should do the CT scan
Hi.I wanna know how many did you injected?
Hi! I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible experience :(....When you say granuloma you mean an infection??
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