Fat Transfer Under Eyes Looks Great

I had my doctor transfer some fat to my undereye...

I had my doctor transfer some fat to my undereye hollows and it looks fantastic!

Also - I had hardly any bruising, and I always bruise from the slighest bump. Now my dark circles are completely gone and I definitely look younger.


hello, thank you for the review, but please show us photos before and after and a calendar of your post op. Would help a lot, otherwise don't really see a point of this review.
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Robert, Can you send me info. on doctors who have good reputations for fat transfers in the Chicago area?
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This is one of the doctors I hear great things about for under eye fat grafting.
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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is definitely an artist, plus he is great at numbing areas he is working with so there is minimal pain and bruising. Plus, he is very ethical - tried to even talk me out of some procedures.

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