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Many people make this procedure sound simple......

Many people make this procedure sound simple... However, I am still struggling after 4.5 months of having this implant in my face. I was opting for asian rhinoplasty at first but my doctor recommended a chin implant instead.. (My chin receded but it wasn't bad or anything.. it did me make me look young in a way). Also, I didn't even know my chin was small or receded until my doctor pointed it out... He said nothing was wrong with my nose and didn't want to perform rhino on me. I took his advice but and he inserted a size Small silicone chin implant...

I wanted to cry for 3 weeks straight. I've read a lot of stories online by people who said they've only been swollen or bruised for a week. I couldn't go out in a public because I looked disgusting and monstrous.

Although no one knew I got a chin implant, I hate the way I smile... I HAD SUCH A CUTE SMILE but now I rarely smile because it looks like I have no bottom teeth.. I am so sad. It also makes my small button Asian nose look even smaller/flatter with this protruding fake chin. I can't wait to get it out. It only looks decent when I don't smile... :( Also, my lips look smaller! I plan to get this thing out within 4 months or so... which will be 10 month post op... and I don't want it replaced with a smaller one. Anyone know if 10 months post op has been too long to remove an implant? I'm devastated..


Hi blistex, did you have a chin implant removal? Im very concerned about my smile too , I rather have my weak chin but with my regular smile! Please help!
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I think I have the same story I had rhino and chin implnat I also think small chin make you look younger and it more feminine unless your chin is deformed then that is another story. There is a reporter or something like that ...the girl on you tube that had huge chin implant put in and it made her looks soooooo much older but that is what she was shooting for.I'm a petite thin person and they put in a small implant I wish they had extra small for super small women! If my surgeon would of cut the implant in half and I think i would be so happy but now I'm having it removed because my face looks so long and I look older. My doc said it pretty easy procedure to take it out
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what is the adress
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He works at Eben Ezer in Los Angeles. I wouldn't recommend him because he's not Board Certified in the United States... only in S. Korea. And I didn't realize that until RIGHT before the surgery.. I wasn't even notified during the consultation. He didn't go over ANY risks, and did not pacify any of my concerns.. He literally just laughed it off and said I was being dramatic.

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