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I just had my teeth whitened this morning, and...

I just had my teeth whitened this morning, and yes, I have some pain, but I am so happy I did this for myself. I felt no pain whatsoever during the actual procedure (had all 4 treatments). It was only after I was finished that the zingers started, but they are definitely not intolerable. Back at work 10 minutes after, had lunch, going through my day just fine. The zingers kind of throw me off guard every few minutes, but they are in no way interfering with my day. I also paid $100 for the take home tray ($150 if you don't get the Zoom procedure.)
Famous Hollywood Dental Care

Fantastic office. Incredibly friendly staff. The dentist chair even gives you a massage. I couldn't have been more comfortable.

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Yikers! Ok :-) thanks!
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Thanks, I'm about to get zoom so I was worried about the pain everyone is reporting. I bought a groupon for it today. Did they tell you how long the teeth will stay that white? i have one fake tooth in the front and want to keep all my teeth the same color as long as possible
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They didn't tell me how long. I think most people report about 4-6 months and then do the touch up trays. I don't know if it's just me, but my teeth are already definitely not like they were the first day. I've actually done the trays about 4 times already as a follow-up. On the other hand, I drink A LOT of coffee. Try to steer clear of dark liquids for as long as possible (or drink through a straw.) Good luck!
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Your teeth look beautiful! I'm so glad to hear it wasn't too uncomfortable for you. Your teeth look pretty darn white, so I'm assuming the take home tray is for touch-ups. Is that correct, or are you using it now to get even whiter?

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Thank you! Yes, just for touch ups - definitely not for awhile. :)
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