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Only Lightened Two Shades - Los Angeles, CA

The process is tedious. The roots and gums hurt...

The process is tedious. The roots and gums hurt for about three days after. The worse part was, I was told my teeth were 3ed from the whitest sample tooth, but when I saw them in sunlight they were still yellowish.

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I've been reading these reviews for about a week to get some insite on what to expect. I had my zoom procedure done Wednesday 12/7/2011. The hygenist protected my gums and lips very well, leaving no exposure. I had 4 15 minute sessions with no reapplication of the bleach during the last session. At the very end of the first session i fell a zing on the bottom left. The hygenist asked me where I felt it so that she check for an openings, which apparantley, there weren't any. Suddenly i started getting more zings which were a bit painful. She carefully checked my mouth for any gaps or anywhere the bleach could have gotten. More dental damn was applied and the bleaching proceeded. Throughout the remainder of the procedure, I continued to feel these sharps pain through my teeth and gums, with only a few being quite painful. Not until after it was over, I started having sharp shooting pains which continued throughout the remainder of the day, but dwendling as the day went on. I was scared to even open my mouth, as my teeth were sensitive to air. The next day I had only one zing which was a complete relief. My teeth went 2 shades whiter, which i didn't think was much when she told me, but when i looked in the mirror, I was very pleased with the results. 2 shades made a huge difference. It is now 3 days later and my teeth aren't as bright as they initially were, but I was avised that they would get darker, and that the intial "bright white" that they appear is due to dehydration from the process. I was also advised that a touch up shouldn't be needed until about 8 months and I could use the take home trays for that. Even though I am pleased with my results, I don't think I would do this again due to the pain. In addition, I only had to pay $18 for the zoom procedure. It usually cost $399 at my dentist office (gentle dental), and they run a coupon online for $100 off bringing to $299. They were running a special for current patients for $199 plus I had a credit on my account for $181, thus, I only paid $18.
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Sorry to hear you weren't pleased with Zoom. To look on the bright side it looks like you paid about 1/4 of the average cost...but still $100 is quite a bit for something you weren't satisfied with.

As for the sensitivity, I've always shied away from Zoom due to that, but Philips (the company that makes Zoom) just put out a new Zoom machine that is suppose to make your teeth less sensitive. Of course I'm curious how many dentists will actually buy it since I'm guessing most invested quite a bit to get their current machines. Still, if it works it would be nice for those of us with sensitive teeth. :)

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