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Totally Worth It for Light Skin - Los Angeles, CA

I usually do TCA peels but wanted to try something...

I usually do TCA peels but wanted to try something different. The vi-peel is not as deep and combined with light pulse laser it works great. My skin tone is even, smooth and the few dark spots are gone. I would do this peel again, quick recovery.

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What sort of laser is the light pulse laser?? Ultrapulse?
I am terrified of lasers and want to try a peel for my light skin, but i really want laser-like results. This sounds like a good alternative.
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Hi catsmow, 

Welcome to the community. I'm so glad your procedure went so well. You said you had a few days of dark spots, any pain? Please keep us updated and if you had pictures the community would love to see them. Thanks for the review.


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