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The first peel was mild but on the second it was...

the first peel was mild but on the second it was much stronger and there was more discomfort. the results are fabulous, the skin is very tight and there's no need for concealer as my dark spots have lightened considerably. I will go for a third next month as it's been about a month and half since the last one. I highly recommend it.

it's been 3 or 4 months since i did the peel. i have mature but good smooth skin with fine lines and some dark spots. the dark spots have not returned. other than tarte foundation, which is quite sheer, I'm not using cover. the fine lines are back but i'm not that self-conscious about them. i was going to go back for a 3rd at $300 each during the past holidays but will wait for mid february. i don't like the discomfort from the peel but it's only sight for the week that i'm peeling. no to skin prep, antibiotics, retinol but I am using a skin moisturing system called lumina or something like that. my facialist is amazing and only does the work each individual needs. I will ask her for botox as my dermatologist is lousy at it. and yes, i don't have many peels, only 10-20% acid at the dermatologist almost never that never did anything!
O.K. we have to ask...are most of you that are getting the Vi Peel are you virgins at getting peels? What type of skin prep did you do? Were you on antibiotics in the two weeks prior? Did you use Retinal within a week prior? Hydroquione? Are you allergic to aspirin. If you ansswered yes to any of these questions you really need to do your homework and/or your "professional" should have asked you these questions? Also, who in their right mind would spend $600 on a peel. She took your money and went to the casino! ROFL!!! You should not pay more than $175 for this peel!! Also, those that did not peel in every spot that is because especially younger people your skin turns over every 20-35 days and nobody's skin is the same...the peeling could be microscopic. So, do your homework before you get any peel and remember....YOU WILL PEEL!
with the first I experience no down time but with the second i had minor discomfort and my upper lip (my trouble lined area, I'm north of 60) was very stiff and quite painful. I was just stiff for about a week and had lots of peeling. I went thru this procedure because i know the facialist to be of the highest calibre, she's worked on my sister for several years and i knew to trust her over my dermatology office. My skin is good, i have no real problems and not many lines but the brown spots would not go away with 10 or 20% spot peels. this has really worked and tightened my skin. I think i might have wanted to know the discomfort level when it's done really well but I still intend to continue doing it and am happy to experience the discomfort in return for keeping my mature skin looking great. I favor good skin over makeup. if it hadn't worked i would resent the money spent and i haven't given it 2 thoughts thus i must like it.
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i went to a facialist who has worked many years with top plastic surgeons. she knew my needs, not what she was selling. i have good skin and i never see results from anything and this time i have.

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