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I did a Groupon deal for 3 sessions of Velashape...

I did a Groupon deal for 3 sessions of Velashape for my problem area: stomach but saw no difference what so ever.

It was just a wast of money and good thing it was through groupon and if i had paid full price i would have been mad!

However it was relaxing and warm... it made me giggle so much the first session but 2 other sessions were nice. it was like having a massage for 20 mins a very expensive massage!

yes i got three 20-25 min sessions.
i am 5'6" and weighted 131 lb or so and i just did my mid abs area. I was not over weight just a little baby fat.

i have a before picture on my "zerona" laser treatment review.
Thank you for sharing. So, as I got you had only 20 minutes 3 sessions - right? Could you tell if you are of around normal weight and it was for some particular area (and what exactly area) or you have some noticeable amount of extra pounds and the treatment was spread over all areas - abdomen, tights, buttocks...
I did Zerona Laser and it worked great. loving my body now
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