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I've had Ultherapy treatments twice, a year apart....

I've had Ultherapy treatments twice, a year apart. The procedure was easy and I personally found the pain easily tolerable ( The Dr. did give me a Vicodin beforehand) I am 42 years old and had my first treatment at 40. It has definitely helped to maintain tighter and firmer skin on my face and neck, and I am very pleased with the results. I would definitely do another "touchup" treatment in the future.

The results are subtle and very gradual but definitely noticeable after a few months. I went to Wave Plastic Surgery Center on Wilshire blvd. in L.A.
Yes, who was your doctor? I am in L.A. also and would appreciate a recommendation. thank you
thank you. This was very helpful. The comments from those that have just had it done don't really tell me what the outcome is. I've wondered if having additional treatments was worth it.
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