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Hi, I am 25 with 2 kids 6 & 2. Before kids I...

Hi, I am 25 with 2 kids 6 & 2. Before kids I was thin with a weight around 117. On each of my 2 pregnancies I gain 50 pounds!!! I remember being close to 190 right before my delivery date. Both of my deliveries were C-sections and speacialy since my youngest daughter I find it extremly difficult to loose all the weight and get my body to how I imagine a 25 yr old should have it. Currently I am 130 however the loose belly is KILLING ME!! I want to be able to wear 2 piece outfits just like the rest of my age groups...I regurlaly work out and eat healthy but I cannot get rid of this pouch. I have been reading alot of reviews on this website which are all great but i really havent came across anyone around my age group to compare expiriences and tips. I want to know how your body reacted to the surgery, the pain which i am so terrify of and was it worth it???Thanks

PS once i stopped eating my kids' leftover snacks, and actually portioned my meals ahead lf time, the last few pounds literally flew off lol. anyway, go for it but make sure you are truly ready... and make sure to have someone help you with the kids for a few weeks :) my two year old is heartbroken the mommy cant her around for a while
hi! do you have any pics? i was in a similar situation and i had an extended abdominoplasty, to remove the loose saggy skin on my front and flanks. i'm 29, 5'7". My recovery has been pretty smooth and mostly painless so far (day 8 today i think). but my doctor used some kind of cool long lasting localized anesthetic that is fairly new and lasted the first several days... so I dont know how bad the pain might have been. lol to answer your other question, so far my body hasnt freaked out or anything. just some swelling which is mostly controlled by the Spanx I have to wear. my procedure was done without drains, which is awesome since i have a 1 and 2 year old kids who probably wouldve yanked on them. do you have tons of loose wrinkled skin after your pregnancies? i did, and the tummy tuck took care of most of it. i would definitely recommend it. id also suggest trying to reevaluate your nutrition to make sure you hit your target weight beforehand if you miss being 117. i made myself wait til i was 120lbs again for 6 months before signing up for anything. i was scared to have too much looose skin if i got leaner after surgery. just a thought. dont rush into anything until you are sure you have done everything you can first :) goood luck and keep us updated :)
Thanks for the feedback FitMomNy!! I would say my diet is pretty healthy I just reached that point where I cant loose anymore. Anyhow since my surgery is till dec I will start a sticter diet next week in hopes of at least getting down to 125. I dont have excessive loose skin but the pouch is sitll there. I will try to post current pics tonight. Do you have any pics ?? Now in regards to the new local anesthetic any idea what its called?? I would love to have some of that since I'm such a sissy for pain.
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