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I am one month before my procedure. I am feeling...

I am one month before my procedure. I am feeling worried about how my kids (8 and 10) are going to react to the news that I am going through with this procedure. I feel like this is something a need to do to feel like myself. I had hoped that I would lose the proverbial "last ten pounds" pre-op but that doesn't seem to be happening (what? Cake and no exercise doesn't create weight loss? Whatever.) I have NEVER shared online before but I'm glad to feel patrol this community.

Had to postpone - mixed feelings

I have had to reschedule my surgery from April 8 until October. My daughter is having a particularly hard time right now and there was an event at her school I would have missed with the April date. Then we are moving into a new house in June, then school starts...
One of you wrote back something very supportive about waiting until this is the right time and was very kind and empathic about my struggles with my kids and their adjustments to my getting divorced. Thanks again.
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Hey Suz. Checking in to see how you're doing...
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My kids are 8 and 10 too. I haven't said anything yet. But we've talked and they know mommys tummy is fat! Lol
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I just told the kids I was getting something done to my tummy. No need to go into it. What procedures are you having done?
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Just a TT. Unfortunately, my daughter knows what a Tummy Tuck is (we live in LA!) and she thinks I am trying to look "sexy" because her father and I are now divorced. So it's hard for her. I actually just found out she has a presentation to make at school the week of my scheduled surgery so it looks like I'm going to have to postpone it...because we are moving to a new house, I may have to move it as long as until OCTOBER! Pretty dramatic way to avoid binging on Halloween candy :)
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It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Painful as it may be ... Your best bet is to wait. Recovery is rough and you dont need the extra headache of a move and the heartache from your daughter. Also sounds like the divorce is fresh and she's taking it hard. I would stay away from the "sexy" comments and let her know this is for you and you want the outside to reflect the inside. Like just told my daughter that I needed to get rid of my roll and I wasn't doing it to get skinny. That's what she equates it at. Luckily she doesn't know what sexy is, lol. Best of luck girl! Use this time to get things in order and get a good exercise routine and eating habits under your belt before the big day. This is just a bump in the big road ahead. * hugs *
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Thank you. I will really take your encouragement (and hugs) to heart and carry it with me.
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