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Hey ladies, I'm a 30 year old single women, no...

Hey ladies, I'm a 30 year old single women, no kids just me lol. I have lived a majority of my adult life in a body I hate. I've been stalking realself for over a year and after tons of research I narrow it down to 2 DR'S Dr.Aaron Rollins in Beverly Hills and Dr.Boutte in ATLANTA. I have set up consultations with both and am very excited.
Wish me luck!!!!
Posted some current pictures and wish pics.
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Hello...I have also been stalking Real Self for probably two years and I had a facelift and lipo suction in Costa Rica in 1997 when I was 48 and was thrilled with the results. Now wanting to get a touch up and possibly some lipo and fat transfer. Something I want to bring to your attention...I have since gained 20 pounds and like you, I carry it very well but in the nude, I have developed a little roll of fat below the belly which I'm sure is because after you have lipo, the fat goes somewhere else. After reading and being reminded of all the pain involved, I am thinking that I need to really get serious about getting back to a weight that I can maintain which is clearly only 10 pounds away. I want to strongly suggest that you do this as well as you will get much better results if you are at a weight you can maintain. I was at a good weight at the time (132) but I still had huge belly and hips in proportion to my big ass and small breasts. The lipo was fantastic as far as making my body in proportion and I could and still can wear short tops and tight fitting dresses but I have those extra rolls as described and on my back. Please heed my advice and see if you can make some minor changes to your diet and think of it as just eating healthy and making healthy choices because the lipo is not going to change the overall body. I think if you lost 10 to 20 pounds before you get any lipo, you will have a much better chance at achieving the dream body that you shared and I think any doctor who is honest would agree with me. Let us know what you do and please take a close look at your body without clothes and see if you understand what I'm talking about. In other words, get to a manageable weight and realistic weight, then get the lipo to edit and smooth out the problem areas. You can do it!
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I agree. I think she needs to lose some weight 1st by exercising, eating right and doing some weigh/resistance training before embarking on surgery. Any good Surgeon will tell you to come within 20-30lbs of your ideal weight before surgery. The wish pics are okay but nothing to aspire for in my opinion. Both women on the wish list look large, deformed and unnatural in appearance. Sad than black women are jumping on to the big booty fad and willing to alter themselves to make themselves more attractive to men that will not marry them. Fit is better any day and it should be something you do for your health, etc. Plastic surgery is okay so long as you are not doing it for the wrong reasons like the big booty/ black stripper fad.
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i agree with loulou9
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