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Side Effects of Botox - Los Angeles, CA

I second another reviewer - I also had...

I second another reviewer - I also had "unusual" side effects after having Botox injections for "crow feet".

Overall, I had Botox done 6+ times. Every time after injections, I had a headache (it felt like somebody squeezing my head, and I am not a headache person) and slightly blurry vision. The last several times, besides the regular for me side effects, I had eye twitching, insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety for a 2-3 weeks - last time it was so bad that I stopped doing Botox (even though I absolutely love the cosmetic results).

Now, my lines are back but I would rather live with ugly wrinkles than go through this hell again, very disappointing.

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She is good. I don't think it is her - it is Botox.

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Hi jaib,

As you said you feel the same way as many other community members do. You might want to check out the Botox forum post "How Long did your Botox Headache Last." Those are some amazing women who offer support and advice. Hopefully it will help. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review and have a great weekend!


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Thanks Britt, I will check it out. By the way, I reported my side effect to FDA and I firmly believe everybody else should. Once they have more data, maybe they will make it known to people who consider getting Botox.
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