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I did my full face and the procedure was long and...

I did my full face and the procedure was long and very uncomfortable. The numbness was annoying but the deep needle running along my bone was very invasive. I left there with a very sore jaw- I could not open my mouth more than a 1/2in for day.

I was very very swollen and sore- I did my massages religiously regardless of the soreness. On day 4, large bruises appeared in several places on my face. They lasted about 4 days. I received no effect from one treatment which I expected but b/c it is so invasive and I now have a small lump next to my mouth, I will not be doing this again.

I did my massages and I still got the lump and now I am afraid that if I went in for another treatment, I could end up with another lump in a place where it shows (you cant see the one next to my mouth-just feel it). I am sure this product would do wonders for my face but the lumps really scare me and I would really have to gear up mentally for another treatment.

Hi melanie,

Welcome to the Sculptra community. Oh my, your whole experience does not sound fun and rather painful. Have you been back to talk to your doctor? If you do or if you choose to see someone else you might want to ask them about Hyaluronidase. It might help in the dissolving of the lump. Please keep us updated.

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So I had that one treatment done in January and I...

So I had that one treatment done in January and I just found a new lump. So, now I have 2 lumps. This stuff is wicked- I hope I don't get anymore- so far, neither are visible...
I have had 4 Sculptra Aesthetic treatments and absolutely love the correction. It takes more than one treatment to see results and honestly it sounds like you kept your face muscles tense. After my first treatment I was sore too but once I realized it was my nerves not pain, my other treatments were smooth and not painful at all.

Hyaluronidase does not work for sculptra only for hyaluronic acid fillers. Nothing gets rid of sculptra.

I'm sorry- I don't feel that this is a doctor issue- I feel it is a product issue so I won't share the name b/c I don't want to tarnish their reputation.
Name not provided

My dr was great it is the product itself that is questionable

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