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I had a hideous bulging blue vein uder my eye near...

I had a hideous bulging blue vein uder my eye near the tear trough. It was cause after restylane was injected under eyes, then subsequently dissolved. The vein remained. I tried to have it camouflaged with restylane, but I could still see it and it botehred me. FOur days ago I had sclerotherapy performed on it. The doc injected foam into it. My eye is still slightly swollen and bruised (turning yellow now), but I can tell that the vein is gone. I am just waiting to see how my skin settles altogether. I paid $240 and wish I would have just done it sooner. I will repost if I see something alarming in the upcoming weeks.


Hello mel37! I am condisering this procedure. I have the same exact situation as you. Now that a couple months have passed, are you still satisfied? I live in OC and would like to go to LA; preferably your physician. Are you able to provide me with your Dr. name? Thanks for sharing your issue!!!
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That is exciting that you are already seeing changes! How is the swelling and bruising doing today? Since you mentioned it was turning yellow I'm assuming its on the healing stage. Is it pretty deep bruising, or can you cover it with makeup just fine?

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