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Hey everyone, I am new to this site but I...

Hey everyone,

I am new to this site but I have just started researching facial plastic surgeons. I kept coming across this site so I thought I would join.

So here's my story... I'm 25 and I have wanted a nose job for as long as I can remember. I am generally pretty happy with the way I look, but I've always been extremely unhappy with my nose. It's okay from the front, but from the side... not so much. My profile is awful. Huge, with a bump, and the tip is bulbous (Side note - I'm so happy there is a specific term for the bottom of my nose - BULBOUS is right) Anyway, I've always been incredibly self-conscious about it and I know it would make me happier. I hate taking pictures because whenever I see it, I am always dismayed by my appearance.

Anyway, since I live in the American capital of plastic surgery, (haha) I know I have a million doctors to check out. I really want to hear all of your stories, advice, recommendations, etc.

Pictures to come!


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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Where are you now in your journey?

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Make sure you pick physician who is double board certified and is somewhat specialist in rhinoplasty and has an excellent costumer feedback and results, not only from this website but others. When I picked my physician I researched for half a year, all over the country....because I wanted someone who does this type of surgery routinely and loves what he is.doing. What you need to be careful of and understand, any doctor can and is allowed to do rhinoplasty and other facial surgeries, even without being board certified. So make sure, the doctor has an endless track record with many many rhinoplasty. I traveled all the way from Ohio to California to have my surgery done. I figured, if I'm having anything done to my face, I rather pick a phyisician that is great, certified, has a great feedback and results and and does facial surgery maybe twice a week, than someone local, that's cheap and does surgery maybe once a month with no track record. If you are interested, I know 2 board certified specialist, one in Cali and one Florida who do rhinoplasty perhaps 3 times a week for many years, with amazing results and positive feedback.... Btw, you are very pretty already, and with getting ur nose fixed, u should feel 100% happy with urself!
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I hear ya!!! I have yet to actually have my surgery done, but at this point, the best advice I can give you is to do your homework!! By that, I mean make sure your doctor is board certified on all of the major boards... don't just take their word for it, actually go out to the boards to check their certification. I also found it helpful to do a search on the Dr's name and then type in reviews to see what kind of reviews people have been giving them. Obviously not all dr's are going to have 100% positive reviews, there can be outcomes to a surgery that are unplanned. Also, I think the rule of thumb is that you want a surgeon that performs at least 50 rhino's a year.. that's a pretty good number :) You want to feel comfortable with their abilities and in my opinion, with them as a person!! You do live in a great area with tons of qualified surgeons so just do your homework, go to consults and you will be fine!!! Good luck to you! :)
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Thank you! Awesome advice, seriously :) Good luck with your next steps too!!
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Hey, you are beautiful! I also hated getting my picture taken, so I totally get where you're coming from. I can't stop taking pictures of my new nose, and I'm still hideous and bruised! Haha. Good luck in your consultation process, this site really helped me a lot w/ what to look for in a PS and how to prepare for surgery
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Thank you so much! I appreciate it.. I agree, I am really happy to have found this site. Everyone is so supportive and honest on here! I was very overwhelmed in the beginning but now I am feeling a lot better. Also, I am glad you are already loving your post-op nose! I hope I feel the same way :)
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