My Nose Looks Bent from Front on After Rhinoplastly -Los Angeles, CA

I had rhinoplastly done 3 months ago, and my nose...

I had rhinoplastly done 3 months ago, and my nose looks great from side on but from front on it looks bent and when I take photos you can really tell.
I'm only 17 and I asked for a natural look.
Please help I'm stressing!
I know It has a long time to heal
But I'm just nervous. I know it is still early but any help and answe would be great!

you are only three weeks out, it looking bent is because of the swelling. Swelling distorts things

I agree with Jennifer, it's hard to give any feedback without photos. If you'd consider posting some (you can blur your eyes out if that makes you more comfortable) here's a brief tutorial on how to do it.

I'm sorry you're stressed about this. It can take up to a year for your final results to show themselves.

Please keep us posted in this space as you continue to heal.

I have added photo's :)
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