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Retin-A Has Made Me Break Out More. Unsure - Los Angeles, CA

Im not sure if retin a is working. I have used it...

im not sure if retin a is working. I have used it for the past 3 weeks and havent seen that much improvement. It made me break out more and made my skin turn red. some parts of my skin r a little bit more smoother though, others dry. Im going to keep going with the treatment for one more month, hopefully ill see improvement:)


Yeah, the first couple months with Retin-A can be quite an adjustment. Here is a Q&A that you might find helpful:

Will Retin-A Make my Skin Worse Before It Gets Better?

Keep us posted on if things get better or not!

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Tomorrow will be 9 weeks since i started using...

tomorrow will be 9 weeks since i started using retin a. retin a is improving my skin but little by little, i do not get big break outs anymore. I could see the red scars also going away. hopefully ill see more improvement in the next months to come. :)


heyo , any news ?? I started since four days and i have acne (never had it before , only pimples ) thanks C
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I'm so happy to hear you are seeing some good results! Are the breakouts less, or are the improvements in overall tone & texture?

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Its been a a little over 3 months i have started...

its been a a little over 3 months i have started using retin a There is not really much of an update from last time but now i rarely get acne and the redness in the scars is still fading.


Might i ask what kind of skin do you have ? (pre retin a) :) . I got the feeling the people not prone to acne and pimples in general are going to get very little, while the ones with oily skin and spot prones will do !!! C
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i have combination skin , oily in the T zone and normal to dry in the other parts. my skin is also acne prone
what i thought. I have the same kind of skin i guess. I am not working at the moment and pretty happy since i don't think i could go out like this. I really hope this will get better within two weeks , cos i will have plans then ! :// A bit scary really ...

I stopped using retin a because i ran out and my...

i stopped using retin a because i ran out and my skin broke out again. Now i started using it again along with clindamycin solution and my skin is improving i still get acne and im hoping that will improve as the days pass


i also gave up, I am now using Skinceuticals retinol 1% but also peeling and a few pimples, so not sure i will keep on going with this one either , C
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