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Clears Up Then Reoccuring Acne. Retin-A for 3 Weeks - Los Angeles, CA

I have been using retin a for 3 weeks. Im not sure...

I have been using retin a for 3 weeks. Im not sure if its working though. My acne clears up somewhat and then comes back few days after. I don't know if that's part of the process, but im going to keep going with the treatment for few more weeks. I hope it works. some parts of my face get dry but nothing that moisturizer cant fix.

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It took my skin a month or two to finally adjust, so you might be in the same boat. It seems some people adjust much quicker, but some of us just take a while. Here is a Q&A you might find interesting:

Will Retin-A Make my Skin Worse Before It Gets Better?

Are you using it just for acne, or are you also using it for fine lines & wrinkles?

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