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Is it possible to experience vision loss( but not...

Is it possible to experience vision loss( but not complete blindness) from restylane injection near the eyes? I had some injected into radix and nose bridge area and had blurry vision afterwards. I thought it was like botox and would go away so didn't get too concerned about it initially but i got worried after reading that it could cause blindness in the eyes if the filler gets into the arteries or veins supplying the eyes. The next day i could not read with my left eye, words were very blurry. And objects were hard to to see, the right eye was ok. I went to have some of the restylane removed because i was worried about it blocking the blood vessels to the eyes but it was 72 hrs later. I can see clearer now and can read with my left eye. Could it be that it did get into my blood vessels and caused the vision loss but not complete blindness??

I'm going to post this in the Q&A section for you, so the doctors who volunteer on the sight can give their opinions on what may have gone on.

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