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I had restalyne aprox .3 cc from a .5cc syringe i...

I had restalyne aprox .3 cc from a .5cc syringe i purchased injected yesterday into my bottom lip only (my top lip I was happy with ) i felt confident and looked good enough to return to work. That evening I had very little swelling, I woke up at 1am to find my lip had swollen uncontrolabley and looked like a sausage! Quickly I grabbed a Budweiser can out of the fridge and used it as a cold compress ,I just moved and didn't have ice in the freezer. I freaked out to say the least, I text my boss knowing there was no way I could show my face at work. Needless to say the bud helped ...I fell asleep (finally ) at 5am and woke up at 7am to find the swelling had subsided about 30-40%! I'm ecstatic.
If you've recently had lip augmentation please expect swelling and don't panic I assure u my swelling was horrifying and is still quite big but it will get better.

@ rjandtm,Post pictures when you get it done..I'm sure it will be just fine!
With all the negative comments I've heard and read on here and after much consideration and feeling of reluctance, I held my breath and went for it! I am not happy with my results though and felt like I got ripped off! I had radiesse injected in my cheeks to soften the lines just like how rjandtm had described hers and juvederm injected on my smile lines, a lil tiny bit on the corners of my mouth, and my lips both top & bottom. They used a total of 3 syringes and the cost was $1700.00!!! I can't believe I spent that kind of money on something that I can hardly see any difference! Although my lips are very subtle change not the way I expected it but the hollowness along the corners of my eyes and the lines going down my cheeks are totally the same absolutely nothing has improved there! I loved the way I looked on the first day you can really see the changes it improved my look so much and I was so excited thinking I was going to look even better after the enitial swelling goes down but shortly after the very next day everything started to settle down way too quickly to the point everything disappeared, so now I'm back to looking the way I did and it hasn't even been a month yet!! When I went back for my follow-up visit my doctor told me that the results varies from patient to patient it all depends on how the chemicals reacts to my body so nothings guaranteed. I told him it would have been nice to be informed of that vital information before deciding to do this! I regret so much for wasting my money but by the same token I should be more thankful that nothing bad happened to me like some people have to go through. I've been itching to try this for several years and now that I did it's out of my system and also to look on the bright side it's almost like a blessing in disguise, because I'm not in love with the way it turned out I won't be addicted to getting fillers done annually or whenever I need it. I rather save my money and get a face lift someday or something more permanent that would be worth more my time and money!!!!!!
I too want to get it done and pretty much feel like Helen,,,so confused. I hear all the good and bad comments. I wonder if it makes a differernce where you get it done.
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I would definitely do it again given that the swelling goes down just a little more which I anticipate it will after seeing the dramatic decrease from last night to this morning.

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