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Radiesse for a Lift - Los Angeles, CA

I love Radiesse. I like the fact that its thick...

I love Radiesse. I like the fact that its thick and lasts long.
Note that you don't have to only get it injected in your cheeks and marionette lines. Doctors that are not fully educated in Radiesse injection technics usually make you feel like your crazy for suggesting injecting it along the lateral edges of the face. I had some Dr.s tell me NO! and then I found a great injector. She injected Radiesse on my temples, in front of my ears, and behind the jawline to hold my jowls back (as I had requested with other Dr.s) the results are GREAT it pretty much gave me a LIQUID FACELIFT. My jowls are gone and face looks natural not overdone with giant chipmunk cheeks. I wish I could go back to all the Drs that said NO and tell them "I TOLD YOU SO!" Ha!

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I would like to know who you went to also!!!!! I am in LA... However its good to keep my OPTIONS OPEN!!!! Glad you are looking so hotttttt!!!
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Would you mind sharing who you went to for these injections? Thanks so much!
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That is awesome to hear that you found an injector that you like so much!! I do have to say, if the other doctors you consulted with didn't know how to use Radiesse in that fashion or hadn't had good results in the past its a good thing they were upfront with you about it. At least they didn't just do it to make money, then have you end up with poor results, so although I can understand how it could have been frustrating for you in the process its probably good things went the way they did. :)

How long on average are you finding that Radiesse is lasting for you?

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