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Loved It...- Los Angeles, CA

OK so I must admit, I have a fairly good...

OK so I must admit, I have a fairly good relationship with the place I've been going for 10 years so the pricing was far below the norm. But onto the Portrait itself, I opted for the higher intensity level 2 (around the eyes and mouth) and 3 on the rest of my face. They left the numbing cream on it and also used a chiller device that blows cold air on the skin while they did the procedure. Zero pain. Recovery takes a few days, first day you're bright pink/red, the next day you start to darken like a deep tan, then after days 4-5 the skin starts to just fall away leaving fresh soft skin with micro pores. I'm happy with the treatment, I did two of the same deep level treatments 1 month apart.

Which doc/facility did you use?

So glad to hear you were happy with the treatment, and that you got such a bargain price! When you mention that it starts to "fall away" on day 4/5 is it pretty serious peeling, or was yours more mild? I'm mainly curious if you felt comfortable going out and about, or if you preferred to just lay low and not go out if you could help it on those days.

Hi Megan, the peeling wasn't too bad. I would compare the initial redness to a sunburn then it darkened around day 3. I stayed inside those days, because it looked like a cat had scratched my face (due to the lines from the treatment passes with the laser). By days 4/5 the peeling started when i gently rubbed the surface of the skin. After some gentle washing it began to peel away easily and left soft skin exposed. The peeling pretty much took place in the one setting and I just put some moisturizer on after washing it and it looked good enough to head out into public without anyone noticing.
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