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New Scars with Total FX - Los Angeles, CA

Total FX is one of the worst things I've done...

Total FX is one of the worst things I've done to my body (face). The risk to reward ratio is so high, I don't know why any educated individual would opt for this treatment. Obviously, I was an idiot for believing the hype and having wishful thinking.

I opted for Total FX to treat superficials scars that most people wouldn't even mind. I figured Total FX would be more effective and faster than multiple alternative treatments. BIG AND COSTLY MISTAKE.

You can learn more about the treatment process through other reviewers. To quickly summarize it, you're given optional numbing or medication to start with. The doctor or aesthetician zaps your face with Deep FX and Active FX. You're covered in ointment for most of the week following treatment. Not only does this look disgusting, it confines you to your house rendering you unable to go out or sleep on your side.

Results have been terrible. TOTAL FX GAVE ME NEW SCARS. It's ironic that I was trying to improve my existing scars yet ended up with more. Lasers are pretty powerful, and they can really do a number on your skin. If Total FX had no effect on me whatsoever, I would have been upset only at the money I spent on it. Now I'm upset that I paid money to look worse. If you are considering Total FX, keep in mind that you are at risk to get irreversible scars and limited benefits.

Are there any benefits to Total FX? Very marginal, if any. Some people have noticed that my face looked a little better, but that could have been due to all the products I used on my face. Bottom line is: I could have gotten the same benefits using over the counter products or something 20 times cheaper from a dermatologist.

I completely disapprove of Total FX and do not recommend it. How this treatment can cost this much and only receive only a 50% rating is beyond me. If you're convinced (or is convinced by a doctor) that Total FX can do wonders for you, think about whether you can live with the risk of new scars.

Hi Dwight C,
When did you have the total fraxel done? I had one too , in May 2011,and my situation was similar to yours. I had one small scar, invisable to most. At around 10 days, after the scab was off, I noticed striations, like lines on my chin that were not there before. Before the procedure, the skin on my chin was pretty tight. I am thinking that the laser zapped some of the skin components (maybe even those that were sun damaged ), that naturally filled my skin, so after zapping, there was a gap, responsible for the lines. Or, maybe the lines were there but not visable before.
With the total fraxel, the laser goes into the upper layer and also into the deeper layer, the dermis. I am told that I have to be patient, that I'll start to see the results 4-6 months after, at which point new collagen and skin components have been formed. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I know that I cannot come to conclusions so early on, but meanwhile, it is very difficult to look at my chin, which appears to me to have aged 20-30 years.
Hang in there. There are options. After 6 months, if you are not happy, you could research what dermatologists or plastic surgeons in your area are top rated,( and there must be many in your area ) and go in for a consultation.
Keep me posted. I want to know how you are doing. NatG
Hi NatG, Yes, I was told optimal results are not immediate. It's going to be a painful 4-6 months waiting, and I don't see things getting too much better. Some people are just more unlucky than others. Currently, 48% of us happened to be unlucky.
When did you get your fraxel?

I'm now 7 weeks/2 days post dual fraxel and I see only a slight improvement in my chin, but it still looks worse than before the procedure, which was for a small scar by the side of my mouth, and not for the chin.

Yep------we should have researched it more before, but cannot go back. I have decided that if, after 6 months my chin is not back to the way it used to look, I will have to go to a plastic surgeon to correct it. Meanwhile, the waiting is not easy.

The doctor injected me with Juvederm , but I think the injections, because they went right below the dermis ( which is low ) did NOT help. I was also injected with botox, which I was told would help during the healing ( to keep me from pursing my lips ). These things all ran a lot of money, as well as purchasing special products!

Funny thing, I never thought I had any visable lines around my lips before the procedure. Strangers on the street used to tell me that I had beautiful skin and asked me what I did for it, ha, ha, ha.
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The aesthetician was/is too optimistic and maybe wants to ignore the new scars I received.

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