Looking into a Mommy Makeover - Los Angeles, CA

So I'm at the beginning stages of looking into a...

So I'm at the beginning stages of looking into a mommy makeover. I know I want it done. Just looking at my options.

So far Ive been really interested in going to the DR with Dr. Disla! Has anyone else gone to her? I'd love some feedback!!

Is it worth it? Going all the way there! Where did you stay? And how we're follow ups after the surgery. One of my concerns is... What happens after when you're home and you need to see a doctor for something like spitting stitches or other complications. So manyyyyy questions!!!!!!!

Nasty tummy pic.

I've been emailing back and forth with Dr Disla. She's been sooo great with emailing back in a timely manner.

I'm 170lbs right now and I told her I want to get to get down to 145 before I have the surgery. To which she said that I don't need to really lose and weight before the surgery and I'd be losing at least 20lb from the surgery! Wow!!!!!!!!! Now to get finances in order because I want to do this sooooo bad.. Like yesterday!!!
I thought losing more weight would be awesome before making a final decision also. But soon realised that my stomach was holding me back in so many areas at that moment! I suggest getting yourself in shape and healthy at the point you are right now. I'm 2 weeks post...and as recovery is here I am glad I did it at the weight I was.Good luck.
That's what I was thinking too.. If I lose weight from it... So be it lol. How's recovery coming along? Some days I'm scared of it and some days I'm like bring it on!!!! The doctor I've been in contact says her mommy makeover includes a tt, breast lift, loop, and bbl. I wasn't too interested in the bbl but thinking about it now.. Sure why not. I just don't understand how to recover when you're not suppose I be on Ur tummy or Ur bum lol.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! It sounds like you're well on your way. I hope this works out for you soon. Please keep us updated on your journey!


Wish pics

Did you ever get ur surgery?
Dr disla

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