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I am in my early 40's with an olive complexion and...

I am in my early 40's with an olive complexion and some scarring from acne. Fraxel has reduced (not eliminated) my scarring, it evens out the pigmentation and creates new collagen. I describe it too friends by saying if your skin was like an orange peel, Fraxel would make it more like an apple peel. I find it to be an extremely painful procedure but I have the absolute highest setting on my entire face. My entire face is swollen before I even leave the doctors office. I look rather grotesque for the first 24 hours and swollen for at least 48 hours.

The pigmentation is like a tanned American Indian. There are areas where you can see the laser pin points across your face wear the skin has been burned. As time goes on your face sheds these tiny dead skin points. There is a bit of flaking, which is worse the first procedure and gets less in later procedures. I would say that you should give yourself 5 days before needing to be at work or in public. If the levels are not as deep your recovery will be quicker and less severe and 3 days may be enough. To date I have had 7 procedures and try to have one once a year because I am always so happy with how my face looks about 2 months after when all the new collagen has formed. If your problem is scarring and you can put up with an hour of pain, this won't cure your problem but it will definitely make it better.


Hi Go, I'm glad that fraxel did work for you...I have scars and some fine lines and been thinking of doing fraxel on my face...can you please let us know who your doctor is..

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Dr. Alexander Rivkin... but the Fraxel is done by an RN. She has been doing them for years and is great. There office is moving at the end of March to a new location. You can google them. Westside Aesthetics. Good Luck.

Hi Go,

Thanks for the review. Your info about your procedure provides some really valuable info for the community. You have been a number of times are all your acne scars gone? Do you have pictures to share, we would love to see them. Please keep us updated.



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