Not Sure if This is the Right Procedure for What I Hope to Accomplish -Los Angeles, CA

I want this pooch of fat to be gone . I do not...

I want this pooch of fat to be gone . I do not want loose skin! Not an optom. Also I don't think I need a full TT maybe lipo and a mini . But would like to know what kind or combo of lipo will achieve similar results without the TT. I Have to be healed ASAP. I e been to 3 drs '& 2 said i was a great candidte for lipo. the other sId theres no way to tighten the skin other than a TT. I am bloated right now so it is bigger than normal . I'd like to do this ASAP. Prices were so very different with each


I'm no dr, but I think it'd be horrible if you got a tt. You don't have any hanging skin, just a pooch. I've seen ppl with way more fat than you who came out great with just lipo. You should look over in the bbl section cuz everybody over has to get lipo (over 2k reviews). Hope your surgery goes well.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

You may want to use our ask a doctor feature. Your question would be answered by board certified surgeons, who specialise in Lipo and TT.

Hope this helps and please do keep us updated with your progress!

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