My Journey - 37yrs old, 2 kids, 5'2 and 165 lb - Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I recently joined and have been obsessed with...

Hi, I recently joined and have been obsessed with reading the various reviews and experiences. I'm seeking lipo on just about everything below my arms. I'm 37yrs old, 2 kids, 5'2 and 165 lb. The heaviest was 210. Currently I'm waiting on a quote from Yily. I'm very nervous but really need this for me!


So it's been more than a week and still no quotes. I'm now thinking I should just spend the extra money to have my procedures done in the States.

option one

I have made contact with Pacific Lipo in La Jolla. So far I feel confident with condidering them as they have a ton of good reviews and the staff seemed informed about the areas I want done. The price is good but I just need to sit with the decision for a while.


I have 2 quotes still waiting to come back and no word from Dr. Duran and continuing to go back and forth with Dr. Yily. Guess this is a waiting game at this point. My target date is March so I have plenty of time to make a decision and SAVE

Reading and Research

For as long as I can remember I have always hated how thick my legs are from the knee down. While reading the different reviews and experiences I am becoming truly addicted to the idea of finally being able to satisfy myself. I can have thighs, knees, calves, and ankles done to give me the shape I never had.

From what I have read, calves and ankles should only be done by the most skilled PS as shape and nerves are key factors. Unfortunately, both are very expensive and will have to wait until 2015. Next year I plan on getting Lipo (arms, back, flanks, inner/outer thighs, knees) and TT.

I spoke to a family member who has 2 friends that has been to Yily and the results were that she did a good job on their lipo procedure. I feel confident now because I did not just read it or see a picture online. The struggle now is being patient and saving for all the areas I want done.

Focusing on me feels really good!
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As a surgeon who specialises in liposuction and a person who is also looking to have liposuction himself, I recommend that you carefully review many before and after liposuction pictures and interview several plastic surgeons to see who you feel most comfortable with. Best wishes.
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It is dangerous if they're only using local anesthetic, not if they really sedate you. This is due to the amount of lidocaine they have to use to keep the pain level tolerable.
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Did you check and make sure the doctors there are board certified plastic surgeons.
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Yes Dr. Robbins is certified :-)
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If I were you I would find someone close to your house that could do it for you. Also, I've seen on this sight that Yily is pregnant and going on maternity leave. Have you heard that? My other suggestion would be to find a surgeon that uses some type of anesthesia. I did mine under IV sedation and he took about 4 hours to do my abs and hips. If you read through enough reviews on this sight you will see how many patients end up stopping their surgeries because they can't take the pain any more, they have to split their procedures up because of lidocaine toxicity, or it seems like the PS is rushed because their surgeries only take about 90 minutes.
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Thanks, I spoke to Pacific Lipo and was told my wants would have to be spread over 2 days. From the reviews I read everything was done in one day which sounds dangerous now that I'm informed.
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Good luck!
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