Totally Worth It! - Los Angeles, CA

It was fast and easy in and out in under an hour....

It was fast and easy in and out in under an hour. The change was amazing. The NP took before and after photos so I could see the difference on the spot without having to remember what it looked like before. I have been using Botox for about a year, this was a great addition to my injectable regime.


Hi Csing0725,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. Sounds like you had a great experience, You said the NP took before and after pictures, would you mind sharing them, the community loves seeing great pictures. Please keep us updated,



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Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts

The Nurses are amazing. I go to them for all my skin health and beauty needs. Tried a dermatologist in Beverly Hills and went right back! They are the best.

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