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L Look 10 Years Younger! - Los Angeles, CA.

At 55, I received 3 injections...2 of the ultra on...

At 55, I received 3 injections...2 of the ultra on my smile and marionette lines and a regular in my lips. Oh my...I feel like a new person. I really had no idea it was going to make such a huge difference, and it's still me, only with a plumper, healthier looking face instead of a haggard face. I am absolutely thrilled! I did have some bruising, but once it went away it looked great.

So glad to hear how pleased you are! I'm not familiar with what the difference is between the Ultra and the regular. Did you doctor happen to mention what it was?

I believe it's thicker. He had recommended 4 syringes of the regular, but initially I only agreed to one because I wanted to see the results first. He then recommended the ultra (which was $50 more)! Since I loved the results of the first syringe I bought 2 more, although for my lips he used the regular.
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