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I purchased a package for 4 sessions from American...

I purchased a package for 4 sessions from American Laser, was told that the downtime was less than fraxel. This is inaccurate and dishonest information. The day after I called them my entire face was swollen but they don't have any doctor in their staff. They just simply minimized all my symptoms and concerns.

I had to find my own doctor and was put on corticosteroids because I was getting a triple chin from the severe inflamation. I'm in my 4th day and my face is less swollen thanks to the steroids but looks seriously burnt, dark raised squares all over. If these don't heal and fall off this is going to be a major lawsuit and I'm fortunate that my husband is a lawyer.

These people clearly used the wrong setting on me. My best advice to you is "don't do it" Fraxel is a lot safer and administered by physicians.

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OH my!! Well I wouldn't say Fraxel is safer. I have an indentation on my cheek from fat that disappeared months after I did my Fraxel treatment. Anyway, how are you? Did you eventually heal ok? no scars? I am so sorry you got burned like that. I was burned with a laser 10 years ago and going to the ER with all the pain knowing you could have prevented it is no fun. Auch! Hope you are all healed and scar free. If you can tell us how you are doing. Thanks you!
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Hi eicones, did you spend $1400 for a package of 4 treatments?
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Hi eicones, 

Well it's been a bit over a week, and I'm hoping lawsuits were not necessary and your face is feeling better. Please keep us updated. 

Thank you,


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