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Unhappy w/ Early Otoplasty Results – Could Swelling Be the Cause? ~3 Weeks Out. - Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I underwent this procedure about 19 days ago,...

Hi, I underwent this procedure about 19 days ago, and I am wondering if based on the attached photo you can tell me whether it is proper for my ears to be sticking out this far again? I admit that my ears are "less protruded" than prior to otoplasty, but for a surgery commonly referred to as "ear pinning" I was expecting for my ears to be, well, pinned. More than anything, I was expecting that the final result would reduce the horizontal length added to my facial appearance due to the protruding ears.

Anyways, I have experience some serious swelling following the surgery & had some bad spouts of bleeding, and I am wondering whether the swelling behind my ears can be giving it more of protruded appearance? I went to the doc for twice to ensure that no stitches or anything else abnormal happened, and he said all was good, so now I don't know how to feel about my results. Its rather disheartening because all I generally hear about is that ears actually appear farther from the head & never closer to the head as recovery continues.

Any information that you can provide me would be helpful. Thanks.

(Note: I will wait to give an actual review on the doctor so as to not comment prematurely.)
I think your ears look great man!!!!! They look very natural......All I ask is that you really consider what your asking for.....what if you go through a revision and it is worse....Example: I had an otoplasty procedure and like you thought they weren't pinned back enough....Although they were very symmetrical and natural looking....I guess when you live with protruding ears your whole life you think they have to be pinned back against your head.....Well I had the revision done and now you can't see the helix outside of the antihelix, so it made my ears look more sharp or "elf" like. It is very hard for a surgeon to support the upper most part of the ear and this was the result. This is why many ears relapse, and the majority of those patients it relapses in the upper third of the ear for this reason. I ask that you try to see yourself in a different light.....try looking at people who have ears like yours and look very nice the way they look...Everybody is different and you should embrace your look and be proud. I'm not saying don't have it done if it's what you really want....but your surgeon and you should be on the same page about what you want and not reading entirely different books.....Remember, how you want your ears to look is all subjective and the doctor/patient relationship is huge to get the look you want.....I hope all the best for ya man!!
Yours look like very well proportioned ears. They don't look at all like they are protruding to me. You don't want them plastered to the side of your head, after all. I'd call yours a great, balanced result!
I think you changed your picture? The one showing now does not look like as good as result as the one before. Yes, if that's really 19 days post, I would be expecting them further back too! Are they in a better position now that time has passed? I do know my son's ears stuck out terribly after his revision otoplasty, and it was two and a half weeks until the swelling began to subside, and finally they looked good!
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