Not Sure of Results, but Definite Discomfort Post Zeltiq - Los Angeles, CA

I had the procedure done 4 days ago, single large...

I had the procedure done 4 days ago, single large applicator, lower abdomen. As others have stated, the first few minutes was incredibly uncomfortable, the suction was powerful & overwhelming enough to bring cold sweats--like a clamp biting down on your skin. While I normally consider myself as someone who can take a lot of pain, the first few minutes made me feel faint. The feeling passed and while still uncomfortable, the rest of the hour was more tolerable than the first few minutes.

I know it is too early to see or feel any results, but I just want to report that since I left the doctor's office, my lower abdomen and surroundings has been severely numb and swollen. While I've read around that this is somewhat 'normal' for the first 2 weeks post, I wonder if the stabbing pain is normal also? It's the hardest feeling to describe: you KNOW it's numb...I can barely feel my fingernail scratch my skin... yet a nagging soreness from within is constant and everpresent, punctuated by sudden feelings of stabbing, heat, tightness or random pins & needles type of tingling. (Think of your mouth after multiple shots of anesthesia after an excruciating dentist visit, when you can barely drink water from a glass, except my entire lower abdomen feels like this, and 4 days later the numbness hasn't worn's really so odd.)

I have been taking some ibuprofen as suggested, but it is definitely not easy to ignore.

Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, how soon after did you feel normal again? I also have to say that my jeans that normally fit fine barely buttons up now because of the swelling, and wearing anything too close or tight around the area is definitely not a good idea.

I am very hopeful that the discomfort and this general feeling of uneasiness eases up soon, and that I see some sort of results. I've been eating right and walking a lot as a form of exercise.

If anyone had a painful experience the first few days after, please share and let me know how and if you eventually felt better. Right now it's even getting hard to imagine touching my belly without feeling this terrible clammy feeling.

Thanks! I'll definitely post updates.

My Dr prescribed a nerve-blocker, called: Neurostatin. Relieved ALL pain!
I'm coming up on two weeks since having it done on my stomach. They used the small applicator on me. I am naturally thin: 5'9", 130 pounds... but... I had that stubborn belly pouch. Exercise and portion control did nothing for me, so I was excited to try Zeltiq. I haven't felt the pain you describe (it only bothered me for a day afterwards), and I never had to take Advil. I only felt the slightest cramping, but no numbness. I am much more concerned that my stomach is so bloated that I now look significantly "bigger" (almost two weeks later) than when I went in for the procedure...! Not happy about this... at all...! I paid $750 for the treatment. I've searched a bunch of bulletin boards and no one seems to give a definite answer on when the bloating will go away. I'm not a whiner... this is definite bloating, where my stomach now sticks out noticably with jeans, dresses and skirts. I have a little Buddha belly now, which looks silly on my frame. Not sure I would recommend this to friends. Maybe I will change my mind after two to four months, when they say you see the best results. Two weeks into it, though... I am not a believer yet.
AK , did the bloating ever go away and at what point? I'm 5 weeks and my gut sticks out worse than before treatment. I only had upper abs treated and my entire belly is swollen .
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