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I had laser to my neck and chest, a fairly large...

I had laser to my neck and chest, a fairly large area. I had experienced sun damage. The doctor said I would love the results. I received no premedication other than local topical gel, which was not effective. The procedure was very painful, I was crying it hurt so much. I spent the next month with ice packs on my chest because of the pain. The outcome was mild. My skin returned to normal, but I notice no better skin outcome. Eventually I had a neck lift, which nicely tightened up my skin. I wasted my money, went through a lot of pain and had no positive result. I would never do this again.

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I would like to know your nationality and age and where you have done. I am scheduling to get done my neck. I live in LA so I should know.
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Now that is frustrating!   I am sorry you were not able to obtain the results you had  hoped for.  But happy to hear that the neck lift worked out well for you.  

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