My Chin Implant is Too High - Los Angeles, CA

I had my chin implant almost 5 weeks ago and I...

I had my chin implant almost 5 weeks ago and I feel my implant was riding too high. It is like in between my teeth and chin bone. Not only my chin, my entire face now looks shorter and more round than before.

My old chin was weak but long and sharp. My surgery said it is because the swelling, some muscle is still pushing the implant up. I don't know if it is true. I have no options but only wait for the result.

Will the implant change the positions lower down after a while? If not, I have to do a revision. :(

My face is long so my chin has actually perfect length. My surgeon agreed the implant needs to be repositioned.
So I had revision almost 2 month ago and now my chin looks great.

the problem is your chin's bone is long .. so i think you need to chin surgery .. with your won bone .. to cut it and a little bring it to front and upper ...
I agree that it's not in the ideal position, but it's a vast improvement over the Before picture.
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I don't think my implant is at the right position.

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