Happy with the Results , but Got Really Weak/fatigue - Los Angeles, CA

I did my surgery one month ago. The surgery itself...

I did my surgery one month ago. The surgery itself went smooth. No numbness, and the swelling went down relatively fast. About 5 days after the surgery, I started to feel very weak/tired. It's not like the tiredness after running/ exercising , but fatigue and discomfort on my chest. And I've been having low grade fever. Meanwhile , the incision itself is fine. No discharge, redness or anything. Did a follow-up with the doctor and the doctor thinks I'm just dehydrated and weak after the surgery. I rested for a few days and I felt normal. However, after two weeks I started not feeling right again. Very tired/ weak, discomfort/heaviness on my chest, sometimes having low-grade fever. It's already 1 month post the surgery and I doubt it's because of the recovery. So I did a blood test yesterday, and if we rule out other possibilities, I'm then thinking of having the implant removed. I know that a lot women with breast implants can have silicone related diseases, but I never knew silicone chin implant could cause that too( or is it because I have other diseases like mono?) does anyone here ever experienced similar syndromes? I'm really worried and thinking of a removal now
I am about to get a chin implant in 2 days for same reason although I have put up with the poor profile for 64 yrs. I am in healthcare. (PT). I absolutely do not have the education and am NOT QUALIFIED to diagnose and the ONLY people who can are MDs. But since you asked the group and no one has replied, I thought I'd share my opinion... I wouldn't have the implant removed until everything else is ruled out, bc it is so unlikely that a silicone implant could cause an on again off again set of symptoms. Please wait to hear what your blood tests show. You need a specialist in infectious diseases rather than an ordinary primary care doc unless the cause of it all can be readily found by whatever blood testing he/she ordered. It doesn't seem to make sense that the silicone would react this way. The stories about silicone breast implants causing illness were completely different than what you are experiencing, imho not related to the implant itself. The blood test is an EXCELLENT tool to reveal if somehow you have contracted an infection of a virus, bacterium or fungus. The fever would indicate something of that nature. Since the feelings and fever are "coming and going" your thought of mononucleosis is a good possibility. Don't blame the implant too quickly. But keep your PS in the picture as to what is going on, especially if he is implanting chins frequently, he/she will want to know if there IS a problem with the implant used. Hope these ideas give you some hope to keep your implant.
thanks for your comment. I already have the implant removed and I'm definitely feeling better now. I think it's weird and uncommon but looks like I am "allergic" or my body is rejecting the implant.
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