From a H to Hopefully a D - Los Angeles, CA

So, I have been coming on this site for a long...

So, I have been coming on this site for a long time now as I weighed whether or not I was going to go forward with my reduction. You all really gave me the courage to go ahead and do it! I have always had a a large chest but in the last couple of years they shot up to a H cup and I can no longer deal. I am going into surgery tomorrow and feel good...Here are some pre-photos!

Awesome !!! Congrats !!
I have my surgery on Monday, and I'm an H too. I'm nervous, but excited to do it. Hope everything went well for you!!
Yay... Hope all is well!

My doctor at Kaiser WLA Dr. Ozersky has been FANTASTIC. He has walked me though everything and really assured me that I am making the right decision for my health. He take great pride in his work and I am excited to have him be the doctor to do my procedure.

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