Have Very Mixed Feelings About Breast Augmentation - Los Angeles, CA

I had always had small breasts. I should of done...

I had always had small breasts. I should of done something years ago, but got the courage only last year. My breasts were sagging and small looked like spaniels ears, it is true, I was very ashamed of my breasts and rarely ever had been taking bra off even when I was alone.
I was afraid of any surgeries, but I went and did it and it didn't even hurt that much, I took pain killer first day only and managed after that. I think I spent one week in bed, but what most I had been worrying about were scars. I still do have scars. But I look so much better in clothes! It completely changed my life! I started to get another more fitting clothes, I lost weight, I started to pay attention to my looks and slowly polished my appearance ....

I wish I could be happy with surgery completely, but my both breast hardened, one and then another, creating disfiguration especially visible after I lost weight.
my breasts feel like stones. not natural at all. I went to talk to doctor, he said I signed paper saying I knew it was possible and that I need another surgery, it would be simple one, I will get 10% discount! seriously... I just paid $7,000 for breast lift and augmentation and now I should do it all again, and there is no way to predict either it will capsule again and how I will look after surgery... Very mixed feelings and so not sure what I should do...

I can understand why you have mixed emotions. Hoping you can still keep up your wonderful weight loss and feeling great in your clothing. Be sure to get several doctor opinions if you decide to do a revision, perhaps someone that specialized in revisions. What type and size implants do you have? Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf!

Have they always been hard?
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