Implants Are Not Wat I Expected! Still Excited but Their Too Small - Los Angeles, CA

I was so unsure of the CC but I knew I wanted to...

I was so unsure of the CC but I knew I wanted to be a full c cup and not anywhere near the d cup so right before surgery I told the dr those exact same words. He advs me he would go in n figure out wats best for me during surgery. I woke up to 420 CC in one and 440cc in the other. My husband and I both agreed its very small n could have been bigger. Not too happy about the size but maybe ill be OK.... gosh the recovery is so bad! No pain but lots of tightness and pressure! Every morning I wake up and wonder if its worth it... my back is aching my muscle is in pain I don't feel normal I don't feel human. I'm starting to wonder y I put myself thru this and all for small boobies again! Well not small at least it'll be fuller then before but still not enough. I was a 34a before n I'm hoping to be a full c but I really doubt it. Fingers cross. I'm waiting for the d&f stage. Hopefully it'll give me more hope n bigger boobies! Every morning I have sever tightness and pressure and its true wat they say... it feels like an elephant sitting on ur chest!

So ladies anyone going thru wat I just went thru. I'm 5 days post op! It feels like I'm the only one struggling this much LOL. Oh does anyone have pic of ur d&f stages I would truely like to see it... maybe it'll give me more hope for myself.

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Hi hope u are feeling better . Hope to hear that all is going ok !
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Hey kajal! How did it go?? Hope you are happy with the new twins and the pain isn't too bad. I dropped and fluffed after 3 months, sometimes it takes longer for the breasts to settle. Look forward to seeing the beautiful new you! :-)
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I'm 5'1 115 lbs I think I'm a 34c as of now but hopefully it'll drop n get a bit nicer. Its a bit challenging living in tightness pressure and having to move with caution then the worse part is waking up in the morning. Tats when I have the most tightness n pressure! I'm willing to wait n see but I'm praying for it to hurry up and pass. LOL
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Hello Kajal! How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I am 5"2 130 and got 260 in one and 350 in the other. I was really lopsided! I'm my small breast I was an A in my larger one I was a B. I am now a D cup and I thought I might have gone too small when I first came out of surgery. I only wanted to be a C. I'm still D&f'ing and I think I will end up a nice sized C. For now just wait and see. You will change so much you won't believe it. Its been a month for me and I have gone thru so many feelings from not being sure about making this decision to absolutely loving them. We all have that doubt phase but give it time. I was totally like you thinking oh my god I'm in so much pain and I'm uncomfortable all the time, what did I do to myself?!? That feeling will pass and you will get use to them. I'm just now starting to feel kind of normal. I can barely sleep on my side. On my back still feels the best and I am still sore on my sides. But i have boobs and I love them!!! It will get easier I promise.
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Thank you for posting your story! 440 cc sounds pretty large, but it does depend a lot on your frame. Are you tall with a wide chest?

I truly hope the dropping and fluffing gives you the breast you're hoping for. Keep us in the loop!

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