Breast Augmentation in 2 Weeks! - Los Angeles, CA

Hi everyone! I'm having my BA done in 2 weeks!...

Hi everyone!
I'm having my BA done in 2 weeks! Super excited and nervous at the same time! A little bit about me... I'm 5'4", 120 lbs, and currently a 34B. I want to go to a C cup for a more voluptuous but natural look on me. I've decided to go with silicone under the muscle inframmary incision. The only thing that I'm still slightly unsure of is the cc that i want. I'm debating between 339cc or 371cc. Honestly, when I try them on, I can't see too much of a difference. People are advising me to go 371 (since a lot of ppl who go with the smaller size end up wishing they had gone with a bigger size). Does anybody have any opinion about the cc? Also, any pre-op, day of op, and post-op advice is greatly appreciated. I want to feel as prepared as possible and stock up on anything that I made need. Thank you in advance for everyone's input.

I had my BA Oct 24th. Stock up on some Popsicles. My throat was sore for 2 days from the breathing tube and I found the Popsicles really helped a lot. My back has been sore, not sure if it's from the sleeping position, using muscles bedsides my arms or because I am top heavy at the moment. I'd recommend a heating pad. As for size, I really feel I went too big. You are taller than me so the 371cc will probably be okay on your frame. Good luck and keep us posted.
Hello!! I just had my BA on 18 October. My recommendation is to go bigger. When I tried the implant sizes, I thought the 400 was wayyy too big in the bra...but my PS and I had long discussions about what I could carry and still look proportional (I'm 5'8" and have a broader chest), and all the pics I brought him that I liked were full. He ordered three sizes and I ended up with Natrelle Style 20 Silicon 450cc in one and 500cc in the other and I am so happy he went with the larger size. It fits well with my frame and isn't ridiculous. He told me that 50cc is about 3 it isn't that big of a difference. As for pre-op, be sure you have a comfy place set up with anything and everything you might need to you close. Crackers, chapstick, water, movies, computer, whatever you want in arms reach. I would also say make sure you take some stool softeners before your surgery or fiber to ensure everything is working before, because it surely won't be working after. Get stool softener and fiber to take right away with a lot of water after surgery and keep it part of your routine because constipation is a problem after anesthesia. I bought cheap zip front bras from sears, I think hanes, and one compression snap front from amazon to have on hand. Every doctor has a different opinion, but thats what I have found comfortable. Button up PJ tops as well. I am 6 days post op and I have yet to shop for bras due to swelling and settling, but everyone is different on that. Best of luck and keep us posted!!!
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