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How Long Will It Take to Close These Gaps in my Teeth? - Los Angeles, CA

I'm getting traditional braces next month, just in...

I'm getting traditional braces next month, just in time for high school. I was wondering how long it would take for my gaps to be close. If you look closely two teeth are pointing straight forward, and one of my front teeth is kind of bent at an angle. I just wanna know approximately how long it would take to close the gaps. Thank you.
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No one can tell you for certain how quickly your teeth will move. Once the gaps are closed, there is still the matter of making sure your bite is corrected and ALL of your teeth are properly aligned. I've been in braces for two years, so I know firsthand it is not just about closing the gaps : )
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Unfortunately that is a very difficult question to answer. Your orthodontist is probably the only one who can give you an accurate estimate, since he/she has seen the x-rays and knows the full treatment plan. Even their estimate might be off though, as it all depends on how your body reacts to treatment, it could be faster, or slower - we'll hope for faster though! ;)

How are you feeling about getting your braces? Have you decided what color ties you will get at your first appointment?

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