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Depends Where You Put It and How Much - Los Angeles, CA

I have been having Botox I ejections for years-...

I have been having Botox I ejections for years- mainly for furrows, but I occasionally get it other places. I have had pretty good results with the Botox brow lift. The crows feet area is hit or miss. This last time I had too much injected and I hate it. Eyes don't open laterally so they seem to scrunch inward instead. Eyes feel so heavy. I think I got 20 units total, but not sure. Luckily, it only seems to last me two months in that area. Does anyone know how long it takes for this heavy feeling to subside?

Oh no, so sorry to hear the crows feet area didn't turn out well. I had a lot of trouble getting the right technique/amount figured out too. At least it sounds like Botox moves through your system quickly. Once it wears off do you think you will try the crows feet area again, or did this make you not want to treat that area at all anymore?

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