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I have tried pills, creams, changing my diet, and...

I have tried pills, creams, changing my diet, and being healthier. Still get too many pimples that I don't want anymore. I have tried many other devices for specific things (scars and wrinkles) and have had promising results so far. This new device is FDA approved (I only use FDA approved items) and so I think it will work out. Personal goal is to eliminate the little pimples when they come and make sure that doesn't interfere with my other regiments. Also doing it with this device because it is on sale and a mid-level price product (some can go as high as $800!).

Oh, I am going to be so interested to hear how it goes for you!! I have bought the Tanda twice. I just returned the second one I bought last night. I just find that it takes too much time out of each day. Unless I misunderstood the directions, with mine you had to hold it in the area for the full session (3 minutes) then move on to the next session. At best that would take 15 minutes to get your face done, and it had to be done twice a day. :-/ I really tried to commit to it, but kept finding I would do it at night, but wouldn't have time in the morning.

Please, please keep us posted on if you are able to do the treatments exactly as the box instructs, and if you see improvement. Looking forward to hearing!!


The device has worked great whenever I have a...

The device has worked great whenever I have a pimple. It doesn't prevent all future ones but I have seen a steady decrease in the overall number that I'm getting.

Wow, that is great to hear. Would love to hear how much you are having to use it to get results you notice.

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