52 Years Old, Thin, Flat Butt, Interested in Butt Implants - Los Angeles, CA

I went for few consultation for butt augmentation...

I went for few consultation for butt augmentation and apparently I am too thin for BBL.
All of them recommended Butt implant and some lipo. one of them said he doesn't use drains!!
Has anyone had a successful butt implant with no drain? I like that doctor's work but
I am concern if it's safe. Thanks
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Don't use the dr who does not use drains!!!!! The surgery is high risk for complications no drains just increases that. Do your research before you choose a dr! I'm talking from a bad experience
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Hello bluecuda, I had bbl 5 years ago by the second year all fat had reabsorbed. I was so disappointed at such a waste of money. In June, 2014 I went to see Dr. Stanton and had butt implant surgery with no drains, the outcome so far is great.
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I went to Dr Stanton in Bev Hills. No drains :)
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Thanks Angel. I read your story. You look great. How long it's been? Are u comfortable With them? I am considering doing it with him too. Will update when decided.
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